Klinik Acess

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Our Clinics

Blood Tests

We run Blood Test clinics 6 days a week in Luton and 5 Days a week in Ampthill. Blood Tests have to be ordered by a clinician and if we have not contacted you to book your bloods please make sure you bring your Blood Test Request form. For a fasting blood test you need to ensure you do not eat or drink 12 hours before the test (you can drink water and please continue to take your medication unless advised not to)

Long Term Conditions

Our long term conditions clinics are run by our experienced nurse and pharmacist team. Some reviews can take place remotely either over the telephone or by video.

Women’s Health

Lea Vale is able to fit coils and implants for their patients at both Luton and Ampthill, if this is the first time you are having long acting reversible contraception you will be counselled on the most appropriate type and how they are fitted, the fitting appointment will then be booked. If you are having a replacement for an existing device we can book that appointment directly after you have completed a questionnaire for the GP.