Appointment System

Our new appointment system will help you get the appointment you need, whenever you need it.

You have told us that sometimes you find it frustrating and difficult to get an appointment on the day you need it. By offering telephone appointments and giving advice we can ensure that everyone is able to speak to, or see, their doctor on the day that they call. Many people do not need to come into the surgery to be seen at all; their problem can be dealt with by telephone however, if after speaking with you, the doctor thinks you need to come to the surgery, they will make an appointment for you, usually on the same day. You will still be able to book Practice Nurse appointments in advance.

How will it work?

Call the surgery on 01582 722525.

The receptionist will ask for your name, address and telephone number (this is the number that is the best to contact you on it might not be the number you are ringing from).

What do you need from the surgery today?

Not everyone needs an appointment, our receptionist have been trained to offer you the best solution for your query. The receptionist will ask you about your health problem and offer the appropriate appointment, this will either be a telephone appointment with your Doctor if an appointment with the nurse.

I have an appointment when will I be called?

You will be placed on an appointment list for the GP, these sessions are either AM or PM and the receptionist will advise you which session the Doctor will call you.

If you call after 4pm with an urgent problem the Doctor will call you back as soon as possible. If the problem is not urgent, you may be asked to call the next morning.

We will only call you twice please make sure you available to receive the Doctors call.

Questions and Answers

Can I see any Doctor?

Every patient who is registered at Lea Vale is registered with a specific Doctor and our new appointment system will enable you to make appointment easily with your registered GP. If you do not know who your registered GP is please ask reception or check on your prescription. If your Doctor is not available on the day that you call to make your appointment you will be told when they are next available and asked to ring back on that day, by introducing this system we aim to bring back the doctor patient relationship. Get to know which days your GP works and you will always be able to speak to them.

What do I do if I need an urgent appointment?

Telephone the main surgery number and tell the receptionist that your health problem is urgent. They will ask you some questions and if appropriate they will get the Duty Doctor to give you a call.

Can I still make a telephone appointment for a home visit?

When requesting a home visit a member of our home visiting team will call you back they will discuss your problems with you and decide who is the best member of our clinical team to visit if you need one.

Are telephone appointments safe?

During your call with the Doctor, he or she will ask questions to help them make a decision about whether you need to be seen in person or not. For example, if your doctor needs to look at something or examine you, you will be asked to come to the surgery for the appointment. If your Doctor thinks you need to be seen he or she will always ask you to come to the surgery.

What happens if I have trouble using the telephone?

If you have difficulty using a telephone you can still come in to the surgery to book an appointment. You will be added to the Doctors list and they will book you appointment or advise you in the same way.

Will I be seen quicker if I come to the surgery?

Unless your problem is an emergency, you will not be seen quickly if you come into the surgery to make an appointment. You may have to wait at the surgery, so if you can telephone for an appointment, it will be more convenient for you.